Read following instructions carefully and click continue button available at the bottom of the page using scroll bar.
Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding with the filling of the e-examination form under Choice Based Credit Based Semester Examination. These instructions can also be accessed by clicking Instructions link on the home page of the e- form or top menu bar of the various windows in PDF format and downloaded or printed for future reference.
Important Dates:
  • 1. Registration without late fees Rs.400 30 May 2014 (Both Regular and ICDEOL students).
  • 2. Registration with late fees of Rs. 500 till 4 June 2014 (Both Regular and ICDEOL students).
  • 3. Registration with late fees of Rs. 525 till 7 June 2014 (Both Regular and ICDEOL students).
  • 4. Admit cards download begins 7 days before the examination start date.
  • 5. Examination Start Date :9 June 2014.
Before proceeding to apply, please ensure that you have:
  • 1. If you forgot username please contact your college.
  • 2. For updating your email please contact your college.
  • 3. If you forgot password please click Forgot Password.
  • 4. Note down on a piece of paper names of the Major Subject, Minor Subjects, Compulsory Courses, Compulsory Courses (Skill Based) and General Interest/Hobby Courses in which you are enrolled in your college or with ICDEOL so that you are ready to choose correct choices. Also note down name of the Education Board from which you passed your previous Examination.
Instructions for filling e-form:
  • 1. Click login to complete the examination application online. You do not have the ability to change basic details or upload new documents. Online examination pages on top have a clickable menu bar with sub menus, which can open
    (a) In Examination Details Page only complete Examination Details section. Do not change the Last Exam Details section.
    (b) Fill in Subject Details Page.
    (c) Generate Bank Challan and deposit money in the bank 2 days after challan generation.
    (d) Complete Payment Details Page after geting Journal Number from the bank.
    (e) In Confirmation Page kindly review your information before clicking Confirm button.
    (f) Download Exam Form and send it as per Instructions given under download form link.
  • 2. All mandatory fields which are marked in red must be filled in on various pages.
  • 3. To save the data please hit Save / Continue at the bottom of screen before proceeding further.
  • 4. Print Challan for the bank only after entering data in Examination details and Subject details screens.
  • 5. You can pay the fees by submitting the payment Challan at any SBI Branch.
  • 6. After depositing money in the bank, login again to your account to enter payment details, i.e. token number/Journal number provided by the bank at the time of deposit of the fee, in Payment details page.
  • 7. Hit continue to see your filled application details on the computer, if all details are O.K. click confirm button at the bottom of the page after filling in token/Journal number given by the branch.
  • 8. Please make sure that all fields are filled in correctly in the confirmation screen before hitting Submit.
Instructions to Submit Hard Copy:
  • After you have downloaded the filled form, sign the form and submit it to
    College Principal (for regular students)
    Director, ICDEOL, H.P. University, Summer Hill, Shimla-5 (for ICDEOL students)
Contact Us:

Regular students
For any further enquiry, please contact your College Principal or email your queries to You may also call at 0177-2830911/2833592/2831959 on any working day between 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

ICDEOL students
Distance Education students can send their queries to or call at 0177-2832239/2831274/2831327 on any working day between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.